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9778vnsr威尼斯人官网After sale service hotline: +86 755 8262 0833 
For international customer, please call +86 136 3161 2261
Email: sales@cosber.com

We are not only producing high quality product, but also offering excellent service to meet the need of our customer.
If you have any question or worry in case of function of products, technical requirement, maintenance issue or product warranty, etc. you are welcome to give us your feedback.

COSBER Service Promise:
Equipment layout design and construction guideline for every customer.
12 months of warranty period is the minimum we offer to every domestic customer.
Within 48 hours, our technical person can arrive the site of domestic customer for further maintenance and reparation action.
+86 757 85701289 Technical Assistant Hotline can response your question immediately
Customer Training program could make you and your staffs get well with our inspection process and equipment.
Control System Upgrade, catch up the latest need of customer.